Origin of all humanity ?

Origin of culture of all humanity: observation of astronomy, geology and all living beings.

The starting point is astronomy.

It is the same for the origin chinese’s culture, with it’s own characteristics and developments:

  • laws of heaven (Yang) from left to right,
  • laws of earth (Yin) from right to left.

These two opposite movements create a spiral energy :

Observation of starry sky

Polaris (North Star) and the Dipper (Wain)

Tai Ji map from Daoism and Confucianism


Svastika from Buddhism and India (but also exist in other countries) :

Tai Ji (Tai Ji Tu 太极 图) is a symbol from China where we can see Yin Yang two opposite but complementary forces which actually form a whole by a dynamic cycle and expressing the laws of nature, the middle way, the harmony, the four movements of Qi: up, down, exit and entry ...

The Swastika (स्वस्तिक) is a symbol which we can find in many ancient civilizations, we can also find it in India and it is linked with Hindu and Buddhist cultures meaning "that brings good fortune, bringing luck". It representes Ganesh in Hindouism and the Dharma wheel in Buddhism (which returns the rotation sens), 1 of the 32 symbols to recognize the Buddha. In China, this symbol came with Buddhism, it is the Empress Wu Ze Tian from Tang Dynasty who gave the Chinese name "wàn" to this symbol.

Tai Ji Yin Yang snd Swastika  are two cosmical symbols which represent the laws of nature and expressing good fluidity but also the perpetual motion of rotation of the constellation the Dipper (Ursa Major) around a fixed point which is the North Star. North Star, seen from Earth appears in the sky as the only star which doesn't move, symbolizing the eternity. 

The North Star is the Heavenly Emperor Gou Chen 勾陈, corresponding to the movement (element) earth for Chinese culture in the Tai Ji symbol of Yin Yang and the center of the cross of the Swastika Indian culture.

That is why I think that “Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism have the same origin, which is heaven (univers)”, it is the same with all religions and civilizations on the world.

Let’s see now the symbols of the three monotheists religions: Judaism, Christianism and Islam.




We can see the links between these symbols and astronomy.

Does all humanity has the same ancestor and guide ?

Heaven (univers) is our father, earth is our mother, we are all are brothers and sisters.

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